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See a list of our portfolio holdings here, listed by industry type. Those companies benefit from many synergy effects within this portfolio and have preferred access to each others services and products. This is one of the value additions, we can provide to our investments. For further reading about the companies, please also visit our News section.




EPIC Design Technology, Inc.
Mountain View,
(Acquired by Synopsys in 1996 )

EPIC provides customers with powerful electronic design automation (EDA) design tools and methodologies that accelerate and validate the physical design of system-on-a-chip and other advanced integrated circuits (ICs).


TriPlus Technologies, LLC.
Santa Barbara, USA

TriPlus develops interface software solutions that enhance the Desktop management productivity on the Windows OS. TriPlus joins user-focused design with market-driven product development.

Televigation Inc.

TeleVigation is a leading provider of personal real-time mobile navigation services, enhanced with location-based information, through wireless devices like cell phones and wireless PDAs.

enScaler Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, USA

enScaler, Inc. is a leading provider of licensed middleware solutions for enterprises, producers of content, hosting providers, delivery networks, ISPs and vertical portals. The offering is based on a pair of complementary web-based platforms, MediaScaler™ and MediaOke™.




Sage Inc.
Santa Clara, USA
(Acquired by Genesis Microchips in 2001 )

Sage, Inc. designs, develops and markets high performance display processors used in digital displays. Its integrated semiconductor solutions are compatible with existing personal computers and display monitors, and emerging display devices, including flat panel monitors, flat panel televisions, projection devices, digital cathode ray vacuum tube displays, Internet appliances and touch-screen displays used in retail and industrial settings.


            Z-Force Communications Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA, USA

Z-force is a start-up that has invented an entirely new class of products for next-generation storage networks. Called a "file switch," the new solution will bring unparalleled performance, scalability and manageability to network-attached storage (NAS) environments.


Vocatus AG
Munich, Germany

Vocatus AG pioneers a new way of customer response service for established companies, by aggregating customer responses and posting personalized corporate replies of its members on the website.




Pythagoras Participations S.A.
Antwerpen, Belgium

Pythagoras Participations is an investment fund which provides solutions to the problem of how to turn core technology into marketable products and where to find the business expertise that will make the venture possible and profitable? Focusing on European-based software and IT companies, Pythagoras takes a novel approach to investing



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