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The Heide Probstel Trust was formed in 1994 with the mission to invest parts of the partners assets in the fast growing high-technology sector to diversify its investment portfolio.

Our investment focus is to identify early-stage high-technology companies mainly in the software and also Hardware and New Media sector with a proprietary technology approach or in the case of the Internet a unique business concept.

We are especially looking for the following elements:

* Large Market size
* Proprietary Technology or unique business concept.
* Potential for a market leadership.
* Strong management team.

Those criteria are in most cases not always all available. The Heide Probstel Trust can add value for its companies by completing a suitable management team or adjust the business plan. We usually work closely together with our portfolio companies to assist the management team with all aspects of the companies growth.

Through our international focus with strong business relationships in California as well as in Germany and France we also distinguish ourselves from other venture capital organizations by providing cross-continent business development support for the USA and Europe. Since a global approach will become more and more vital for a successful business strategy in the future, we feel uniquely positioned to ad value to our portfolio companies above and beyond a strict financial support. For further investment criteria and how to submit a business concept to us, please see our submission procedures here.

The Trust invested so far in 9 companies, of which three are now publicly traded. Please see a complete list of our portfolio companies here.

Please contact us with any additional questions you might have.

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